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  • 26 Nov 2014



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Business Units in UB are managed by Center of Business Incubator and Community Service (PIBLAM)

Since 2006 Universitas Brawijaya has declare itself as an Entrepreneurial University. PIBLAM UB is established as a moving engine for Universitas Brawijaya academic community toward Entrepreneurial University. PIBLAM UB is inaugurated through Rector's Decree No 224A/SK/2007 dated June 6, 2007.



Improving the acceleration of Universitas Brawijaya as an independent and autonomic university toward entrepreneurial university,


  1. Improving the role of Universitas Brawijaya toward national development through development of Science and Technology and Business for society.
  2. Developing entrepreneurial culture of the alumni and general public
  3. Developing the quality of research so that it can be commercialized
  4. Developing sources of revenues to support Tri Dharma of Higher Education


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