Development Plan

  • 23 Dec 2014
  1. Realizing UB into Entrepreneurial University with the policy of :

    • Entrepreneurship Education Development
    • Research Development
    • Community Service Development
    • Business Development
  2. Improvement of the quantity and the quality of the International Class, aimed to :

    • Realize UB Vision and Mission in Becoming International University
    • Produce graduates with National/International competence
    • Take part in realizing World Class University program from the Department of National Education


Top Supporting Program

  1. Benchmarking and international recognition through foreign student enrollment and double degree
  2. Improvement of the capacity  of information technology to support learning process
  3. Improvement of Learning Process supporting equipment and research laboratories that comply with national/international standards
  4. Improvement of good quality Human Resources
  5. Improvement of service with ISO standard
  6. Improvement of strong finance by enlarging business opportunities, patents, and cooperations