Education Development

  • 30 Oct 2014

Development Centers

Description of the Development Centers

  1. Center for Improvement and Development of Instructional Activities (Pusat Peningkatan Dan Pengembangan Aktifitas Instruksional/P3AI)

    Aims and Objectives

    1. Centers of Design Service and Instructional Development
      • Course Design
      • Curriculum Development
      • Design and production of Teaching Media
      • Design and Development of Text book
      • Design and Development of Modules
    2. Research Centers and Instructional Activity Evaluation
      • Book and Scientific Work Review
      • Study on the Development of Courses and Teaching Media
      • Evaluation of the Instructional Process Product Evalulasi tentang Produk Proses
      • Needs Analysis
      • Research and Scientific Study on Learning
    3. Research Centers and Instructional Activity Evaluation
      • Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of education program and short training in the field of instructional activity, AA and PEKERTI Program
      • Development of academic staff on the field of instructional activity for lecturers and educational staff.
    4. Development centers and Service of Learning Media and Learning source
      • Education and learning Media
      • Computer that supports instructional activity
      • Education Telecommunication
    5. Consultation Centers and Cooperation in the field of
      • Service of consultation in the field of instructional
      • Cooperation of education, training, design, monitoring, research, study, and evaluation of instructional activity


  2. Center of Education Relevance Development (Pusat Pengembangan Relevansi Pendidikan/P2RP)
    Main duty of P2RP
    1. Produce study and the concept of curriculum development that gives necessary knowledge and skill needed for the student and graduate's career guiding in entering/creating job market (productive, rewarding, and socially responsive careers).
    2. Produce study and concept of the curriculum implementation model that reflects interaction with business/industry community, society/government, and Science and Technology world, which can be beneficial for each other.
    3. Perform self evaluation to improve P2RP organizational performance internally and externally in relation with other education institution in UB or outside.


    To obtain the objectives, eight strategies are formulated in a series of steps that can be recycled as it's needed. The steps are :

    1. Determination of Work Scope
    2. Determination of Education Relevance Standard Criteria
    3. Formulation of Education Relevance
    4. Analysis of the curriculum and study program, both the existing and the ones that is on the planning stage
    5. Design the curriculum of the existing study programs and the new study programs
    6. Curriculum implementation
    7. Monitoring of curriculum implementation
    8. Curriculum development

  3. Center for Academic and Professional Education Development (Pusat Pengembangan Pendidikan Akademik Dan Profesional/P3AP)

    Main Duty

    Study the management of faculties, departments, study programs, post graduates, and diploma, in the frame of the implementation of academic and professional education, which suits the development of science and technology and national development needs.

    1. The improvement of student's skill in entrepreneurship
    2. The improvement of Peningkatan kemampuan mahasiswa dalam aspek kepemimpinan
    3. The improvement of student's skill in English
    4. The improvement of student's professionalism in application and computer
    5. Socializing the concept of leadership with national perception
    6. Improving the insights and knowledge of the student in leadership
    7. Socialization of the concept of national leadership abroad
    8. Study on the social problems.

  4. Center for Education Management Development (Pusat Pengembangan Manajemen Pendidikan/P2MP)
    Main Duty
    1. Perform studies to produce the concept of effective and efficient education and also the concept of education executor in Universitas Brawijaya.
    2. Performs study to produce the concept of strategies and steps to the implementation of an effective and efficient education.
    3. Perform short training on education management in Universitas Brawijaya.
    4. Initiate and develop cooperation without other relevant institution in its relation with the development of an effective and efficient education management.


    To achieve the missions and objectives, five strategies are formulated in a steps that can be recycled according to the needs. The steps are:

    1. Determination of the workspace
    2. Determination of an effective and efficient education management
    3. Analysis, evaluation, and monitoring of education's management
    4. Rancang ulang manajemen dan organisasi pelaksana pendidikan
    5. Socialization of the concept of education and training.

    For further information on Education Development in UB, please visit LP3's website:

Activity's Result

Description of the activity conducted by the body of education development and study.

  1. Pusat Peningkatan Dan Pengembangan Aktifitas Instruksional (P3AI)

    • Conducts training pekerti and AA for UB and University lecturers in Jawa Timur.
    • Cooperation with SEAMEO-SEAMOLEC in teaching materials writing training for E-Learning.
    • Building cooperation network with P3AI from all region in Indonesia.
    • International Seminar on the use of GIS for long distance learning. In cooperation between SEAMOLEC and MENRISTEK.
    • Development of multimedia-based teaching materials.

  2. Pusat Pengembangan Relevansi Pendidikan (P2RP)

    • Forum Panel of Institutionality Development of Education Relevance, Scope, and the Procedure, which aimed to socialize and discuss the scope of P2RP's duty in the context of the development of education relevance in Universitas Brawijaya
    • National Seminar on the Relevance of Higher Education in the Empowerment of the Nation amidst the Global Community. A look on the perspective of culture, science and technology, and industry/business world's development.
    • Participate in the overseas non degree training (Instructional Design)
    • Tracer study Workshop
  3. Pusat Pengembangan Pendidikan Akademik Dan Profesional (P3AP)

    • Perfecting the concept of Entrepreneurship education for the student
    • Conducts workshop on the System of Education and English Teaching for University Students.
    • Conducts workshop on the Computer Aplication Personal Education for university Students
    • Conducts leadership training with Nationality concept for lecturers, students, administrative staff in cooperation with Regional Government, Community/social political organizations , public/religious figure in some areas in Indonesia
    • Conducts research on the students needs in leadership as an effort to improve professionalism.
    • perfecting Cooperative Learning Guide.

  4. Pusat Pengembangan Manajemen Pendidikan (P2MP)

    • Workshop on the development of Diploma program education's management in Universitas Brawijaya.
    • Study on the concept of effective and efficient education management criteria.
    • Perform studies on the implementation of TQM/MMT in University
    • Perform Quality Control Group's Convention (GKM) in UB
    • Workshop on interdisciplinary and implementastion of education in Law and Food Security.