• 15 Jan 2015

Description of the Research Centers and Service Centers:

  1. Environmental Research Center (PPLH)

    UB Environmental Research Center (PPLH) acts as a Research and Service Center for Environmental services mainly related to: Watershed, the Coastal and Marine region, Health, Environmental Settlements, Environmental Pollution and Community Development.
    PPLH UB Web

  2. Gender and Demography Research Center (PPG&K)

    UB Gender and Demography Research Center performs research and community services focused on Gender and Demographic Studies such as on Gender and Economics, Politics, Development, Women, Children, and home violence Advocation, Reproduction health, and Employment.
    PPG&K Web

  3. Social Science research Center (PPIS)
    UB Social Science Research Center performs research, education, and community service focusing on the science development on the form of base-line, invention, and state of the art information presentation in social sciences.
  4. Bio Conversion Research Center (PPB)
    UB Bio Conversion Resarch Center performs research, community service, focusing on Science and Technology development on the field of bio technology (especially Waste) Living Sciences (Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fishery) to improve the potentiality of Indonesian Natural Resources.
  5. Earth and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (PPKMB)
    UB Earth and Disaster Mitigation Research Center performs research, education and training, and socialization focusing on the natural disaster and humanity disaster and take part in minimizing the impact of natural disaster and humanity disaster.
  6. Pusat Penelitian Pengembangan Porang Indonesia (P4I)
    P4I performs research and services on :
    1. Research and study on porang plant commodity from various disciplines of sciences;
    2. Education and training on porang development technology;
    3. Giving consultation and accompaniment service for stakeholder in the field of cultivation, processing, and marketing;
    4. Dissemination of scientific information (seminar and training);
    5. Performing international cooperation with research centers abroad through academic exchange activities;
    6. Development of porang plant based industry in Indonesia;
    7. Consultation and accompaniment for stakeholder (industry, Regional Government, and others).
  7. Intellectual Rights Center (HKI)
    Intellectual Rights Center performs service on several fields, such as:
    1. Patent Technology;
    2. Trade Brand and Secret;
    3. Industry Rights and Design;
    4. Integrated Circuit Positioning Design;
    5. Regional Intellectual Rights Potentiality Research;
    6. Intellectual Rights Consultation, Socialization, and Training;
    7. Intellectual Rights Registration/Protection;
    8. Intellectual Rights Advocation;
    9. Geographical Indication Plant Variety Protection.
    HKI Web
  8. Pusat Kajian Halal Thoyib Science Center (HTSC)
    HTSC Study Center Universitas Brawijaya has the duty to develop science and technology values to produce food that are good for health, safe, and halal for consumption, to bring economic and social prosperity for the people on food, medicine, and cosmetic.

For further information on research activities in UB, please visit LPPM's website: