Universitas Brawijaya Senior Student Registration for Odd Semester 2017-2018.

  • 12 Sep 2017



No. 5326/UN10.A01/PP/2017



ODD SEMESTER 2017/2018




Hereby announced to all students of Universitas Brawijaya to perform academic registration for Odd Semester 2017/2018 with the following details:

I.    Administrative Registration

  1. Date and Place               
    • Points of payment:
      BANK MANDIRI, MANDIRI SYARIAH, BTN, BRI, BNI and ATM BCA all branches in Indonesia
    • Date of payment: August 07 to 18, 2017
      - Day/Time: Monday - Friday/Hours: 07.30 - 5.00 WIB.
  2.  Requirement:
    • Students show student id.
    • Students who on previous semester(s) did not register must submit a letter of activation to the Rector and approved by the Faculty (Vice Dean I).


    Ø  Registrations which are outside the schedule will not be served.

    Ø  We do not serve payment outside the banks that have been mentioned above.


II. Academic Registration

Date                               : August 07 to 18, 2017

  1. Undergraduate and vocational programs can read the announcement in http://www.ub.ac.id
  2. Post graduate and specialist 1 programs can read the announcement which is released by the Program/Faculty which runs graduate program.


III.   Penalties for not having Administration Registration:

  1. Students who do not do administration registration on odd semester 2017/2018 are assumed as not registered as the students of Universitas Brawijaya and not allowed to have academic activities on that semester.
  2. Students who have done administration registration (pay tuition fee) but in academic they do not fulfill the requirement to continue their study, then the payment of tuition fee (SPP) which is paid on odd semester of 2017/2018 will be returned.
  3. Students who are late or not having administration registration can propose a leave of absence to Rector no later than September 18, 2017 received by General/Administration Division (First Floor of Rektorat Building).
  4. Students of Universitas Brawijaya who are not registered (do not conduct registration) more than 2 (two) semesters cumulatively and continuously are assumed as dropped out.

IV.    Others:

  1. Request of leave of absence which is submitted after the due date which is on September 18, 2017 and has been approved, still had to pay tuition fee.
  2. The payment of tuition fee is only the proof that a student has been registered as a student. A student is assumed active if he/she has done academic registration (has taken the credits/complete KRS).
  3. Students who is taking a final task (scientific paper/thesis/ dissertation), but they have not finished it yet, are still had to do academic registration.
  4. Students who on administration registration cannot show their previous Student Identity Card because they have lost it or other reasons. They had to create the new one based on the procedures.
  5. Academic registration is managed by each faculty/program.
  6. There is no extension of registration period.
  7. The end of even semester 2016/2017 is at August 25, 2017.
  8. The lecturing of odd semester begins from August 28 to December 15, 2017.
  9. Crisis center of registration of odd semester 2017/2018 is located in Widyaloka Building.


Issued in Malang
On June 21, 2017

On behalf of the Rector
Vice Rector I,




Prof. Dr. Ir. Kusmartono.
NIP. 19590406 198503 1 005