Student Related Program

  • 21 Jun 2012

Student's Program

  1. Entrepreneurship Student Program
  2. Student Writing Contest (LKTM)
  3. Student Creativity Program (PKM) 
  4. Scientific Writing Contest
  5. Productive Innovative Works Contest (LKIP)
  6. Indonesian Water Rocket Competition
  7. BIOSFER (Biology Open House for Environmental Recognition)


Eminent Program

  1. Enterepreneurship
  2. Leadership Training and Education.
  3. Job Placement Centre.
  4. UHS guiding counselor training.
  5. Training of Skill Training Trainer
  6. Basic Level Student Management.
  7. University Level Scientific Writing Competition.
  8. XIII National Student Science Week.
  9. Scientific Writing and Research Methodology Education and Training.
  10. Sending of students to foreign countries.