Campus Life

  • 11 May 2015


For accommodation, there are several alternatives, namely:
1. A dormitory (for male students) around the students’ cooperative of Unibraw
2. Boarding houses
3. Rented houses
Neighborhoods where rented houses or boarding houses are available are along Watugong Street, Ketawang Gede, Sumbersari, and Gajayana Street.



Malang is a relatively cool city. Therefore, students in general like wearing jackets or sweaters. Students are not allowed to wear sandals and T-shirts to classes. At least, students wear shirts or polo shirts. Besides, it is also recommended that students have blankets because Malang is relatively cold at nights.



Traffic in Malang, specifically around the campus of Universitas Brawijaya, is relatively smooth, except around Dinoyo, a trade center not so far from Universitas Brawijaya. Many public taxi routes pass Universitas Brawijaya.
For the Faculties of Engineering, Administrative Science, Economics, and the Post-graduate Program, there are 4 routes of public taxi to take. Meanwhile for going to other faculties or entering the campus through the main gate of Universitas Brawijaya, there are another 4 routes of public taxi to take.
Beside public taxis, there are also regular taxis to take when one needs to go through campus roads.


Religious Facilities

Most of the students of Universitas Brawijaya are Muslim. In the campus of Universitas Brawijaya, there is a central mosque called Masjid Raden Patah and some mushollas in some faculties or departments. Not far from the campus, there is a Buddhist Temple for Buddhists, while for Christian, there is a cathedral on Bromo Street, about 10 minutes away by public taxi.


Healthcare Facilities

Universitas Brawijaya has a healthcare clinic for students. Students can get healthcare services in reasonable and reachable price for all students. Besides healthcare clinic, there are also several hospitals in Malang, such as Syaiful Anwar General Hospital, Islamic Hospital, Lavalette Hospital, etc.